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Detachable Pockets Denim Kilt is made of heavy-duty denim fabric which is specially designed for casual and men fashion. This kilt is decorated with two side detachable pockets and as well as the pocket flaps with button closure.

This kilt has detachable pockets and you have dual looks, one is with pockets and the other is without the pockets. These all features make a unique look of this kilt.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric: Denim
  • Style: Utility
  • Type: Fashion/Scottish/Highland
  • Pockets: Detachable with Flap
  • Fastening: Buttons
  • Decorated: Eyelets/Hooks/Studs/D-Rings
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Size: Made to Order

Complete Customize Kilt:

Kilt Master is the Ultimate Scottish Clothing and Accessories Shop that offer an Extensive Range of High-Quality Costume Made Outfits. We offer the ultimate customization in creating your a very own Kilt. We customized Kilt exclusively tailored for you. Just complete the above options to complete customization of your kilt, and receive a state of the art Kilt that is fit for you.


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